VisionMenu FAQ:

1Q: I cannot access the VisionMenu website (www.visionmenu.com)
A: VisionMenu’s website very rarely goes down – we pride ourselves in that! Please follow these steps to troubleshoot your issue accessing our site:
  1. Clear browser history (Ctrl + F5) & close the browser; re-open to see if access is restored
  2. Check your local internet availability by visiting another website; if you can’t get to any site, there is a problem with your local connection to the internet
  3. Try from your phone or another computer to see if the issue is local to your computer
If none of these results in restoration of the website, please email outagesupport@visionmenu.com
2Q: I am new to the dealership and need a login to VisionMenu
A: Please email your request to support@visionmenu.com and we will assist you with setting up a username and password.
Please be advised that these requests will be handled the next business day.
3Q: I am unable to get rates for a specific vehicle when I click vRate in VisionMenu
A: VisionMenu has a direct connection to all of the providers we work with. That means that when you click vRate, we are retrieving rates directly from the provider’s web portal. Most of the time, lack of rates is caused by one of 3 things:
  1. The vehicle is not eligible for the rates requested (error message: No rates returned)
  2. The vehicle is too new and therefore has not been loaded yet by the provider (error message: VIN not found)
  3. The provider’s website is currently down
If you experience any of these results, please visit your provider website and retrieve rates for the same vehicle in the provider site. If you are able to, please notify us. If you are not able to—for the fastest results - please notify the provider, or we can notify them on your behalf.
4Q: I am unable to eContract in VisionMenu when I click “Enroll”
A: Typically, an inability to contract is caused by one of two things:
  1. Another contract has already been generated for the same customer, thereby preventing you from contracting again
    In this case, you will have to void/cancel the other contract in our system or through the provider’s website before you can enroll the new contract
  2. The provider’s website is currently down
If you are able to, please notify us. If you are not able to—for the fastest results - please notify the provider, or we can notify them on your behalf.
5Q: I made mistake, how do I void and re-rate this product?
A: There are several things that can be taken into consideration for this.
You should be able to click on the “Void” button the deal you are working on. If there is no “Void” button:
You can request assistance from your agent or go to your provider and give them the information and have them complete the removal of the contract. Once you have successfully voided the contract you can do one of two things to re-rate and re-contract the products desired
  1. Edit the deal in VisionMenu and vrate and vcontract the products you need.
  2. Manually recreate the deal and then rate and contract as normal.
Note: If you have multiple contracts on the same deal and only a select number of them are incorrect, please follow the above steps and void only the contracts that need to be corrected. If you “Change Deal” after you void a contract on a deal, you will be unable to contract again on the same deal.
6Q: How do I DNQ a deal?
A: To disqualify a deal follow the steps provided:
  1. Select the deal you would like to DNQ.
  2. Click the edit deal button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. On the left side of the screen (Sales Info), uncheck the “Qualified” box.
  4. Select the finalize button
If you are unable to resolve your issue—please email support@visionmenu.com and your request will be handled the next business day.
7Q: My VisionMenu payment is not matching my DMS payment on a particular deal
A: We are available Monday – Friday to set up a payment balancing webinar to make sure you’re set up for success.
Please send an email to support@visionmenu.com to request a payment balancing session with one of our experts.
8Q: If I need help after hours, who do I contact?
A: You can email our support staff at any time at support@visionmenu.com and we will contact you to address your question or concern.